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Investigation Agency, International Crimes Tribunal, Bangladesh. Public Security Division, Ministry of Home Affairs
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Last updated: 24th September 2019

At a glance


This Tribunal was eastablished under the International Crimes Tribunal (Tribunals) Act, enacted in 1973 by Bangladesh Parliament to provide for the detection, prosecution and punishment of persons for genocide, crimes againest huminity, war crimes and other crimes under International Law committed in the terrotory of Bangladesh during the war of Liberation particularly between 25 March to 16 December 1971.

Investigation Agency

For the purpose of Investigation into the crimes specified in section 3(2) of International Crimes Tribunal Act-1973, the Goverment Stublished and Investigation Agency Consisting initaially with 18 investigators (Sec-8). The Coordinator and Co-Coordinator in the rank of Inspector General of Police are the overall controlling officers of Investigation Agency.

How we works?

1) A team headed by a Sr. Investigator conduct the investigation as per provision of Law & Rules.

2) Conducting research about the International Crimes committed so far and being committed at present around the world.

3)Systematically surveys the area of Crimes and formulates as action plan.

4) Collection of materials, Books, News papers, Television programs and other published articles regarding International Crimes both at home & abroad.

5) Collection of evidence from other different sources.

6) Making a good contact with the Victims, Witnesses, Freedom fighters and others who witnessed the incident during the war of liberation in 1971.

7) Co-ordinate and have a good relationship with the civil society members, all NG,s and other agencies relating with Liberation war of Bangladesh.

8) Collection of documents concerning the Crimes from National Archives, Bangla Academy, Press Information Bureau Public Library and other agencies from home and abroad..

9) Crime Scene is the pre-requisite to find out the truth of any    Crime. The Investigation officer conducts investigation of the Crime Scene though the incident occurred 42 years ago. 

10)The victims and Eye and other witnesses and other witnesses provide the information about the atrocities of   perpetrators and victim during the time of occurrence.

11)At the Place of occurrence the Investigation officer prepares Sketch map, Index, photography of the crime scenery, if   required taking videos of the PO.

12)Search and Seizure are important tasks for the Investigator, All are to be seized as provisions of law. 

14)Day to day progress of the investigation is maintained by the I.O which is termed as case diary. Case diary is a privileged document and not to be given to defense.

15)  The Investigation officer submits Investigation reports through the head of the Investigation Agency to the Chief Prosecutor, who in his further submits a report to the Tribunals Registrar. The Investigation report pin point the counts of charges against the accused and is also a part of the court document. 

16)  The Prosecutors in charge of the case may also visit  crime scene to assist Investigator in different stage of Investigation.